Social Media

I don't just manage social media; I curate experiences. 

Platform Selection

I will scope out the right platforms for your vibe. I figure out where your audience hangs out the most.

Audience Research

Get real nosy (in a good way) about our audience's interests. Make sure we know what makes them double-tap.

Content Creation

Cook up killer content that's pure scroll-stopping gold. Mix it up with a variety of formats – videos, images, the whole shebang.

Posting Schedule

Figure out the perfect timing for your posts. Keep a consistent presence.

Engagement Game

Respond to comments like we're in a chat with friends.

Throw in some polls and questions to keep it interactive.

Analytics Dive

Regularly peek at the analytics to see what's working. Adjust our strategy based on what the numbers are saying.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Team up with influencers or partners for some extra social cred. Make sure collaborations feel genuine and align with your brand.

Ad Campaigns

See my Digital Marketing Services page.

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