Digital Marketing

I craft digital narratives that resonate and captivate, ensuring your brand shines brightly in the digital landscape.

Digital Ads

How I craft a killer ad strategy (Google or Social Media) -

Search Campaign

Dig deep into keywords that hit the sweet spot. Whip up ad copy that practically begs for clicks. Make sure landing pages match the ad vibe. Set a budget that won't break the bank. Sprinkle in some nifty ad extensions for good measure.

Retargeting Campaign

Install those sneaky pixels to track what folks are up to. Sort audiences based on how they're cruising the site. Cook up ads to remind them you're awesome. I don't spam them too much – set limits on ad appearances. Play around with dynamic retargeting for some extra oomph.

Display Campaign

Figure out who you're talking to – nail down the demographics. Whip up eye-catching display ads. Try out responsive ad formats because why not? Handpick primo spots for our ads to shine. Budget? Check. Bidding? Sorted.

Cross-Campaign Optimization

Keep a close eye on how things were rolling. Test different ad versions – you know, to see what clicks. Tweak stuff based on what the numbers were saying. Make sure you know when your ads are hitting the jackpot. Time things right for maximum impact.

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